Tuesday, December 30, 2008

D's accident #3

Original post May 22, 2008
Thanks Travis Patrana
Sling $50.00
ER Visit $100.00
X-Ray $500.00
One way to get a new bike...before your birthday
D's dirtbike helmet.
His 4 wheeler. Much safer... Well, it atleast has 4 wheels
D looking over the damage to his bike.
His big 250..

D at the ER getting X-rays of his shoulder.
He is hardly out the door and he is taking the sling off. He did put it on later though.
The trip home. Took this pic and look he doesn't have his seat belt on. He is in trouble.
He has anti tearing grip ends to his handle bars..and they didn't rip but guess what. The darn grips did rip when he wrecked.
His yamaha 125CC dirt bike. Thank God he wasn't on his 250 or he would have been thrown further.

Well today D was riding his dirt bike and the chain broke which sent him flying. He tried to pick up his bike and felt and heard something pop in his left shoulder. So another trip to the ER. After xrays and exam the doc said that nothing was dislocated or broken. He is to take it easy for a few days and see how it goes. If it's still hurting then we need to go to see an Ortho. He may have torn something. He put a sling on it which in this pic of him he has the other had ready to take it off. He is going to bed now and it's still hurting a bit. Boys... Thank god I had just taken a shower but I had on one of my good ole' hair color stained tshirts. I threw on a sweat shirt and grabbed my camera. I wanted to document the incident. I think I need to get a hospital go kit ready in the car the way we are going. Now he says that he is supposed to go riding on Sunday with friends. AAHH, I don't think so.