Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baxter Bean Part 3

Read below for Part 1 & 2

I was thinking about Baxter's story this weekend and I almost forgot to tell you how he got his middle name. My son was into Mighty Beans at the time or soon after Baxter was born. You could design your own and the company would make it for you and one of us said that we should have one made for Baxter.. Baxter Bean. I can say "where's bean" or "come here bean" and Emma will look. She loves her roommate. He sleeps on top of her cage. I always tell her that big brother gets the top bunk. She does understand. Cause she is a baby... Anywho, on to the rest of the story.

Okay so Baxter and 4 other kittens were born to Lil Mae Hurricane. Lili always wanted outside. I thought she was having a girls night out..oh no no.. she was hanging with the boys. What I didn't know at the time was that cats could get pregnant while nursing. Well I know now. She showed up pregnant again. I almost killed her, what was I to do with more kittens. I should have kept her whiny butt inside to care for the babies but I thought I would be nice and let her out to get some air. My mistake..

Two days before we were to leave for Disney she had 5 more babies. Now what was I to do? Cancel my trip? NO!!!! We ended up having a neighbor watch them and hoped that everything would go okay. Baxter was only 4 months old at the time. I called every few days and she said that they were doing fine. After 2 weeks of being gone we came home and found that they were all doing great. One day I found Baxter laying on top of the box watching them. I was kind of worried that he might hurt them but he had been with them for 2 weeks and they were all fine. What I didn't know what that he was taking better care of them then Lili was. He was cleaning them, watching them, and they were even trying to nurse from him. Now that wasn't going to work but they tried and he didn't mind. One night we were in the living room and he went flying from the bedroom just a screamin.. I wasn't sure what was going on so I jumped up and here he comes with one in mouth taking it back to their camp. He was like a Mr. Mom. They would jump out and he would throw them back. They would squeal and he would go running. He was so sweet. I guess cause he was so young he didn't know any better and the he-he-ho-ho could have cared less. After that we gave all of them except Baxter away and I was done with Lili. He has turned out to be a good ole' kitty. He even tries to lick Emma but her hair is too long for him. Then she bites his butt and the fight is on.

Hoped you enjoyed the Bean story. Thanks for reading
I have pictures of some of the kittens I will post later on.