Sunday, August 24, 2008

Call 9-1-1

Call 9-1-1 ...Oh wait, that's me.. okay after calling myself and having panic attack..not really but I did see my life flash in front of my face. Here is how the story goes....Earlier G and I were in the den and I noticed that he was doing his computer geek stuff to the computer..ya know scanning for those nasty viruses and things that come with the internet. I can call him a geek cause he's not but he is anal about security and scanning. Anywho, I ran upstairs, painted my nails, threw on a facial mask and plucked some eyebrows. ( not in that order)

I came back downstairs and logged on to see if any of my peeps (that's you) had updated and I didn't want to miss a thang.. But there was one problem.. my homepage was gone, my background was gone and my favorites were gone.. okay not a problem. But then I looked.. my pictures were gone..GONE.. yes I am screaming right about now. Everything was gone.. all 28 gb of pictures since May were gone.. Now I took a lot of pictures before and have them all saved to dvd but since I got Baby I take pictures of everything and I mean everything. I had just mentioned to the geek that I needed to save these in case something... something as in computer geek happened.. just kiddin but I didn't want anything to happen..well it did... not 1/2 hour after I said it. I went running up the stairs, almost in tears and couldn't hardly talk. After a few minutes of computer geek genius he found them.. Yeeeah...

So guess what I am doing right this very minute while I type this to my peeps and let this be a public service announcement to ya'll.

Beep...Beep...Beep.. This is a public service announcement from Cathy.. Please stop everything you are doing and go save your pictures.. For the love of your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.. save your pictures.. I mean 100 years from now D's family will want that picture of him picking his butt and guess what.. the family will have it because of me, Cathy- saved all the pictures on this very night.

Well I don't know what happened and don't really care right this very minute as long as I get all these damn pictures of furrrrbabies saved. I am on my 4th and have 4 to go.. I better make some coffee. I feel like crap and would really like to go to bed but for the sake of the kids I will stay up and

I'm just glad this cleaning spree didn't erase the other 4 computers in the house.. Oh, that would have been a bad bad day.

Wow,, and I thought my job dispatching was stressful.. Have you ever tried to dispatch police, fire, 4 mutual aid squads, 2 helicopters.. same as loosing thousand of pictures of kids, furrrbabies, planes, clouds, bugs, birthdays, holidays.. same thing.

G has since exited to the man cave in the basement to play Halo on xbox and yell at a few of his online friends. I will now surf the web and read my peeps..