Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get ready for winter

This is the Crocs' Mammoth. I got a pair last Christmas. I don't think I took the darn things off til the weeds started sprouting. Actually I did mow the yard in them once so I wore them this summer too. Well today with the hurricane rain and gloomy skies I wanted to be warm and cozy so I threw them on again. I love these things. It's like wearing house slippers. Now I hope to get another style or color for this winter along with black Classic Uggs. I will have toasty toes.


Rhea said...

Oh, this makes me so ready for winter weather!! We're still in the 90's here. Way too hot. Cute crocs though. they do look warm and toasty.

Carletta said...

Crocs - the most wonderful ugly shoe ever! I love them too!