Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No more wire hangers

The girls have been complaining that they can't find any hangers. I have bought hanger after hanger and we never have enough. Maybe it's cause things are actually being hung up..maybe I'm just crazy. Anywho, G's brother-in-law stayed with us this weekend and he was running to Wal-mart and we asked if he could grab a few new ones. Then we got on this discussion about wire vs. plastic. I hate wire ones. I throw them out along with the plastic ones that come from the store. I don't know why I just like the colorful plastic tube one. His BIL mentioned that his ex color coded her hangers. I tried that for a while but that is one more thing that I just couldn't keep up with. Well then we were talking about wire ones. And then I told them what I do with wire hangers.

Below are two pictures of our pretty colored tube hangers and then a picture of a wire hanger and a toilet..yes a toilet. What do you think I do with a wire hanger and a toilet? Leave your guess in my comment section and I will fill you in tomorrow. Good luck.


*Lissa* said...

Ummmm.... Put something on the hook end of it to clean under the rim of the toilet?! Hey, that's a good idea!

Anna said...

I have no idea what you would do with a hanger and the toilet. I had this plan once to give everyone in the family their own color hangers. That way if they went missing, I'd know who was losing them. But I never stuck with it.

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