Friday, August 22, 2008

Notebook stockpile

We had to hit the local Wal-mart tonight for the last of the school supplies. As one of the monsters was running around getting her list I was talking with a friend. I looked down and she had a whole box of notebooks in her cart. I then asked her is her kids really needed that many this year and she said no that these books for only $0.05 each.. I bout ran over a few innocent bystanders to get to the aisle.. like I need anymore notebooks but what the heck.. Right? So I bought 20 of them.. Hey, it's only a dollar. So now we have plenty of notebooks that will end up shoved in some cabinet and we won't remember where they are when we need them but it was only $1.00. I could be spending my money on alcohol or something...right?? Just thinking of the kids..Sorry, I can't seem to get my signature in the right spot.

The only thing left is a calculator which cost like $60.00 and well that will have to be someone else's responsibility.


Anonymous said...

Yes. Where the hardware store is now used to be a Ben Franklin store.

Gretchen said...

We do the same thing! I use them for work, so we can't have enough of them on hand.