Tuesday, September 30, 2008


***Update: I guess there may be some confusion as to whether or not all 365 pics will be of me.. I am here to say that there is no way #1-that I would take that many pictures of myself and #2- I love my readers too much to expose you to that- this would cause life long issues. Plus- PS.. PSS that also means I would have to put make up on everyday and well, that just don't happen. *** My first pic was just to get me started and the rest will be of random off the wall pics of my everyday life as is happens. I should title this as "As the Shit Flops"
Thank you and please come back!!!
Original Post- I am starting a picture a day category. I hope you enjoy.


'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

heeh Cathy,
I think that I like it!!!! ( dO YOU WANT TO SHOW YOUR FACE 365 TIMES?)You have an interesting face, how me all your 365 expressions:)

See my ABC of windmills


Jay said...

Hahaha! Are they all going to be of Cathy?

I guess we'll have to come back to find out!