Wednesday, September 10, 2008

7 years ago

First let me say that these are pictures of pictures. My scanner is having a melt down and every time I try to scan it's roll's it's eyes and sticks out it's tongue and yells for help. Now soon as G walks in the room it will work fine. But he wasn't here and I wanted a few pics of my trip now, right now so I just took them with my handy dandy baby and pifff on the scanner. Thank you for letting me vent.

I am working on the full story of our trip but here is a few pics to get us started.

Back in October of 2001 5 city employees and myself made a trip to NY to take supplies for the workers at Ground Zero. This is the city's trailer that we hauled items to New York in. It was filled to the brim along with the bed of a pick up truck. Our decal man set us up with this logo when he found out we were going.
Jon Ielpi was a firefighter with squad 288 FDNY. He was also a part time ff for a department on Long Island. We stayed at his sister station on Long Island the first time we went. This is a bridge in Great Neck that was made into a memorial to honor him. After meeting with the Chief he took us to this bridge. It was really weird cause when we got out of the car the sky turned Red, White and Blue.. we all saw it.
After our trip to Ground Zero we walked and walked and walked and we turned the corner and there it was. The midtown station where 15 of their members were killed that day. We have still remained friends with guys from here..
There is so much more to this story and hopefully one day I will finish writing every little twist and turn down. For now, and tomorrow take a moment of silence for all the were lost and pray that this never happens again.


kouji said...

a truly sad day. all the lives lost.

marina said...

World must not forget! Terorism leads to disaster! For both sides!

Tommy V said...

very touching and sad. thanks for sharing

lucy said...

It is interesting how we all have a story related to this day in one war or another. Thank you for sharing yours...we shall never forget!