Friday, October 24, 2008

Be patient

Well I went back to the doctor today and well yesterday too but whose counting. Okay a recap-

1. I have bone pain, not muscular, not joint- BONE! I hurt, I hurt all the time, everywhere.

2. My family doc says I have fibromyalgia but sends me for a bone scan.

3. Bone scan comes back that due to a pulmonary osteo something-er-other that is linked with Leukemia. He doesn't know what it is and has to look it up so come back in 3 weeks..

4. Due to the pulmonary thing I go see my pulmonary doc. He runs blood work, and xray and sends me for a sleep test. Then tells me to come back in 2 weeks. 1. He thinks I still have an infection/bronchitis?? 2. He wants to know if I have sleep apnea which is causing low level of O2 getting to my bones.

5. I go to the sleep test, everything okay except I have restless leg syndrome. I woke up 19 times an hour during my sleep study. WOW.. no wonder I'm tired. I tried to tell him, well yeah cause my legs hurt. Sleep doc says that my bone pain has nothing to do with O2 or sleep and sends me for more blood work which came back okay for everything he tested for. But to see him 2 weeks.

6. Yesterday Pulmonary doc says he doesn't know what's wrong and to follow up with sleep doc.

7. Today, sleep doc says that nuclear medicine doc wants a pt scan and that he doesn't know what's wrong whatever it is is in my bones and it's rare.. Of course it is.. it's me. Everything I have is rare. But after the PT scan if they don't see anything then I have to go for a bone biopsy.. ouch. He did give me a little pain medicine and something for my restless leg. After the PT scan which will take a week or so to schedule he wants to see me. On the prescription it says oseot???noma vs. lymphnoma but he says that I don't have cancer. Doesn't sound like it to me but whatever. Then he tells me to be patient. Sure.. I hurt really bad though but I will be patient.

Thanks for letting me vent. ~Cathy


Anna said...

None of that sounds good. At all.

Don't you just love how doctors don't seem to know anything?

*Lissa* said...

Oh dear. Sounds like those doctors need to get their acts together!

I really hope you get answers soon and can successfully treat whatever the hell is going on!


Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Holy crap! I'm sorry that you so much poop to go through... my goodness... I admire you so much for all that you are having to endure... the restless leg syndrome is horrible!
I have heard people go through hell with that!!
I really hope you can get some help soon and answers as quick as possible!

Romi said...

I hope you feel better soon and get some answers.