Thursday, October 23, 2008


Guess the words "trim your bangs" appealed to Baxter cause before I could get Emma on the counter he was up there waiting. Then she stuck her tongue out at me cause they don't appeal to her as much. Anyways she sat there, he watched, tried on some lipstick and then took off before I could get a hold of him and whack something off.. oh, just jokin. She doesn't like me too much when I trim her, she don't fight me but should would rather be biting his bum.

She thinks if she plays the weak and sick that I won't torture her..oh how wrong she is.... She does love it afterwards, she trots around like a hot momma..
My little boy and girl aka CaTdOg!!!



ღ♥Kay~Kay'sღ♥ said...

Your pets in the second picture look like they are striking a pose for the camera. Great pics! Thanks for sharing