Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I was tagged

I was looking for new friends and found this gal Serial Mommy, she is hilarious. She told me how to link my posts to sites..just like I did her site above. I am feeling more complete everyday.. I just could not figure out how to do this but it's real easy now.. So is you are bordering on blog moron (like me) please let me know and I will help you. I am paying it forward. How nice of me right?
Anywho-She had just been tagged and I basically begged and made her feel bad for me cause I have never been tagged so guess what..? She tagged me and now it's my turn to play along. I am so excited. I guess I am then to pick 7 peeps and tag them and so on.. So here it goes. 1. MY START-I started out life on the wrong foot or more like the wrong way. I was born breech, that is butt first. So this explains a lot with my life. Prior to being born I was already a problem child. Here's how I explain it. Well, I was straggling behind in the vertebra line and ended up with an extra L5 vertebra that in turn threw me off schedule and I missed the hip socket line. I was born with hip dysplaysia and had surgery when I was 3 years old to create a hip socket. So right there started my life on a path of how it would be for the rest of my life or atleast 40 so far. I am always going about things butt first.
2.Son-I have 1 son. He is about 6 foot tall now and still growing.. I remember the day that he announced that he was as tall as my boobs..Oh how sweet of him to notice. Now I am as tall has his boobs. He just started racing motorcross. He saved and got a Yamaha 250 and is so proud of himself. He gets good grades and never misses school. He always has those 1.5 sick day for the year..just enough not to make perfect attendance. He is a great kid and I love him to death..
3. CARS-I have had 8 new cars. I bought my first car at age 19 and they wrote Happy Birthday on the window. I got in and took off for home. I was so proud and then I realized that it only had a AM radio.. What is a girl to do..? Anyways- I drive a suburban now aka the land yacht cause we always have our kids (G has two girls)plus a few strays.
4. NY CITY-I love New York. I had a friend that attended Cornell Medical in New York and she always wanted me to come and stay. As a girl from a small town in SW Ohio population 2000, I was afraid of the big city. I did not want to go. I just knew I would die. So I never went and then one day- Sept 11, 2001 hit and I had the chance to go again and I loved it. I love the energy. I love all the big buildings and the weird people. If I always had 5 friends with me I could move there and be very happy. Well I think that, I really don't know.. Anyways- if ya have the chance to go.. GO!
5. WORK- I have worked as a police and fire dispatcher for the last 17 years. I love it. I don't love being at work, I'd rather be at home but I do love my job. I am also a on scene tactical dispatcher for our county SWAT team. That's fun too. I get to leave my desk and go out play in the streets. (literally) We usually set up in the middle of a street for all the neighbors to watch. We actually haven't had a call in a long time. Which this is a good thing I guess but now that I say this we will probably be out all night. Any ya know it's getting to be sweater weather around here. burrrr...
6. VACATIONS- I have been on the cruise, I have been to Disney, the beach, the mountains but I believe my best vacation was boating on Lake Cumberland. There was no pressure, no makeup, no driving and it was just a lot of fun and very relaxing. The cruise and Disney was not relaxing, it was very hot and too too busy. I like the lake, I am just a simple girl. give me water, alcohol, steak and family and fun and I'm there.
7. MY FURRRRBABIES- We have a great little Yorkie named Emma Sue (she's a diva) and a cat named Baxter Bean.. They are great fun. Emma was my first dog ever. Well we had one (INKY) when I was like 2 years old but I don't remember it. We just always had cats which is fine with me, I am really a cat person at heart but I do love my Emma.

Okay for the lucky or poor winners of my selection to be tagged and share 7 interesting facts with world are: drum roll please.......

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7. Brin- My Messing, Thrilling Life

Please jump on over to their blogs and check out their facts..



Anna said...

OK, this might take me a while, because I'm horrible at keeping up - but it does sound like fun. It's been a while since I did this one.

I tagged you today, too. I just hadn't gotten by to tell you about it. How about that? Never been tagged and now twice in one day!

Romi said...

Blog Moron do you do the linky thing?

I like your 7 facts about you.

Sara G said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love to take pictures too. What kind of camera do you use? Hubby got me a Nikon for my birthday this summer! I have really been enjoying it. I had a Kodak point and shoot before that and got some awesome photo's with it.
Take care and thanks again!

Rhea said...

Cool facts! Thanks for tagging me. I actually just did this one!!! I may have to wait a while before doing it again. Give inspiration time to build up again...