Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Look for the Zebra

3 am and I as still up. I have to work at 8 am..hmmm? Here's how it goes. I can't sleep. I am in pain, a lot of pain. I have terrible bone pain, not muscular or joint pain..BONE pain. It's hurts to lay in bed, it hurts to walk, it hurts to get out of the car, it hurts no matter what I do. It wakes me up and it won't let me sleep. I just feel like someone is running a ice pic down my bones. Everywhere, all the time.

Here's my history.
4 doctors told me I had an ear infection-- turned out to be meningitis
2 doctors told me I had a bladder infection-- turned out to be ovarian cysts (big ones)
3 days in hospital --doctors had no clue and I told them that-- another ovarian cyst which even during the ultrasound I pointed out my history and she said she was looking and still didn't find it.hmmm??

So I hate doctors, I have no faith in them and I don't trust them as far as I can throw them and I have a habit of telling them this. So, I have been having bone pain and this is where I am now..

1.I told my family dr.. He said it was a cold.

2. I told my family dr. again. He says I have fibromyalgia puts me on some pill to help with the pain and sends me for a bone scan.

3. Bone scan comes back that I have increased levels showing in 3 different places and that it may be due to this pulmonary osteoaropothy that is caused by leukemia.. And that I have shown a history of high white blood count (infection) My family doc says he has never heard of this and will have to look it up.. this is after I told him that docs don't know what in the hell they are doing half the time. Hmmm?

4. I go to see my pulmonary doc (I have a history of chronic bronchitis) he says that is not leukemia that I still have bronchitis in my body. But then sends me for more blood work, chest xray and a sleep test to see if I am breathing good while I sleep. (ok= I don't sleep)

5. Now the sleep doc says that the bronchitis, if I still have it and any sleep problem, if I have one has nothing to do with bone pain and sends me for more blood work and calls the nuclear doc in front of me to send my bone scan results to him cause he thinks there may be more to this.. He also called my pulmonary doc and find that yes once again I have a high white count.

So maybe in a month or so the 3 docs can come up with some similar thinking and find out what's wrong with me. However at 3 am I am in some pretty good pain here and I have to work in 5 hours. Do ya see why I'm so bitchy?

If any of you have any thoughts on what this might be please let me know. I almost would trust you more than the docs.

Okay I am heading off to bed. I will see ya all tomorrow. ~Cathy