Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Part 8- The Wake

We went to the Round House to see Mike "Mad Dog" Adams. He was great. I had a headache and he caught me rubbing my head. After that the Cincy jokes were a flyin'. We snuck out of there around 5pm and went back to our B & B. Some people were drunk when they came in the door at 1 pm. Just Crazy. Kind of brought back memories of Mardi Gras but what do I remember I was only 18.. So so many years ago.
Later that night the Round House was turned into a funeral parlor for "The Wake" It is the celebration, remembrance of the summer before, a final goodbye and closing of the island.

So G and I did as others did we drank from the bucket. We both just stared at it like oh my.. but when it was empty we stared even harder. G thinks it was half full of foam.. Whatever..we did it!!!! We brought the bucket home. I don't know why but someone then asked if we wore it on our heads.. hmmm? We did see highly intoxicated subjects wearing buckets but thought it was just a drunk thang.. I guess it's honor to wear it. We missed that part. Maybe next time.

Then there was this nice gal.. weirdo, psycho, creepy, just darn right strange. I think if the Websters would have played "People are strange" everyone in the bar would have pointed to them. They told us they take her "Crystal" everywhere with them. Oh, that's nice.. kind of like a traveling gnome but on the dark, creepy side. Her husband started talking in a weird voice telling everyone "down in front, I can't see" meaning Crystal.
We had enough of the Websters so we made our way back down to the Beer Barrel to see our boys one more time. Their show was free but I bet next time there will be a cover. They play on CMT and everything. I am not in to country music but they are great and play a little bit of everything. OH,, did I say they can DANCE!!!!
This is Preston up top and Chris down below. They RAWK!!! LoCASh Cowboys!!!

That was the end of our night. We went home and the next morning headed home to reality. It was a great trip and we really needed to get away for a few days and it was just enough. Actually it was a bit long, with the cold, not much to do and then nothing to but drink... it was a great time, we both enjoyed ourselves.
Well there were about 78 photos of the 1100 we took this last weekend. I had a great birthday and would love to go back to Put In Bay.


Rhea said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a great time. Those guys sure can dance, that video was awesome.

The bucket of beer was hilarious...the creepy doll was well, creepy!!!