Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She wants what?

Miss Emma Sue has decided that she would like to visit her Posh Puppy Palace for her vacation. This is what she refers to as the vets office..wooopieee She has a friend Sandy that lives there, she is always so excited to see her that she piddles right on the floor. I am always apologizing and they just hand me a paper towel and tell me it's not the first time and go on.

She would like to thank all the offers to house her while mean mommy and daddy are off partying it up on the island. I say this likes it's a hot, sunny caribbean island and really it's gonna be cold but we are still gonna have fun..ya never know.. maybe we will piddle on the floor too.. Just kiddin'. Thank you again and maybe next time.

And "S" she says that your cute little Coach shoes in the closet are hers now..She's such a DIVA



Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Super cute... LOL ... I have some mega catch up to do here on your blog. It looks fantastic what you have done here ... WOW WOW!! I love it! =)

Thanks for dropping by when my world was upside down and the support and comments... I really appreciate it!