Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's in your wallet or bag?

My luggage- "the bowler" by Vera- that weighs as much as a bowling ball- Today while waiting in line at school I thought I would clean up my purse a little bit.. What things I find, I don't need half of this. I carry a notebook so I can make lists while I'm out or write that last minute note.
I always throw granola and nutri grain bars in my purse cause if never fails one of the monster is always on their last leg and are going to die if they don't have something right then and there. The guys at SWAT training were making fun of me cause I was trying to right down upcoming training details with my pink pen so I went and got my purple.. They didn't approve of that either.
See the purple twisty straw.. yeah, I am the carry all for those neat little things ya get while eating out.
This is what's in my makeup bag. You just never know how hand tweezers are until you don't have them. I also carry a diaper pin on my key ring for those little things like splinters.
Do I really need 2 lipstics, and a chapstick, 2 nail polishes? My poor purse looks like our snack basket.
Okay now it's your turn. Post your pics and then leave me a comment.



leslie said...

I popped over to see your Skywatch Friday photo, but just had to stop and watch that SNL spoof. You're right! I was ROTFLMAO!

Now on to SWF...