Sunday, October 5, 2008

Light the candles

Your are invited to my 40th Birthday Party...

Where: Put in Bay Island

Pack your Louis Vuittons

Not this

cause we are skipping town and I am taking all of you with me..

First we are going to be chauffeured by the multi talented Mr. GG

in the land yacht

and then ride a bit (on a ferry) and then check in to our
B & B where Oh girls--- let me say for the record: "There is NO TV in our room--- Oh thank you God" Oops, I can't say that too loud, Mr. GG gets a bit sick to his stomach when he hears this. We are spending 3 nights on an island with
a lot of alcohol and our choice of thisOr this- Not really but we can pretend. We do get a golf cart to cruise around in. We have room for 6 more, who wants to join us? Get packed we will be leaving in a few weeks.
Stay tuned for further updates and packing list. I will announce who made it in for the trip.