Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Biggest search- Leatt Brace

When I check my stats my #1 search is Leatt Brace. So here are a few pictures of my son once again modeling his Leatt Brace that saved his live.

This is my son the day of his first race. All his did that morning was walk around and tug on his new Leatt Brace. He never said that it bothered him but I could tell. With his helmet on it keeps his head from over extending and causing injury. The helmet hits the brace and keeps in one full motion. That's exactly what it did the day of his wreck. From the middle of his chest/back down whipped over his head upside down. The brace did it's job and I don't think he knows how lucky he was. When I saw the wreck my mind said "the brace did what it was supposed to" I was just worried about the rest of his back. When I got to him he had this dead blank stare and was moaning something. Here he is in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. He says he remembers his cousin starting his bike to put in the truck but then he doesn't remember anything until we got going to the hospital. This is where he started to realize that something happened. He knows enough to give a big thumbs up and then he got mad cause we wouldn't let him finish the race. If you look at the top of his back you can see where the brace dove into his back. He also had a nice road rash thing on his neck but I didn't get pics of that. He has some nice pink scars now but we will take it. He is fine now and will start his racing back up in the spring.