Monday, November 10, 2008


A few weeks ago I headed home to my parents house to do some geocaching and get my dad addicted to something else that I could buy him a gadget for. Once I got out of the cities, town and villages I ran into this thing. Yes, it's a UFO. It has been there as long as I can remember. I remember seeing this when I was little and mom and dad would take me to the hip doctor. I can't figure out why in the world they would have driven this way to get to Dayton but they did, or I at least I think they did. This would be like driving to Kentucky to get to West Virginia but anyways here it is. A UFO house. I also wanted to live there. I wondered what kind of kitchen cabinets they would have with curved walls. I also wondered if they hit their heads a lot on the wall/ceiling. Anywho... Now take into consideration the curve ahead and cut me some slack on the pictures. It's very hard to drive the land yacht, turn and take pictures of two big silver UFO's in a yard. Now I know I wouldn't have been the first idiot to stop and take pictures but after 30 some years it probably gets old to the owners. But I didn't have the nerve to stop so just go with these.

Then I come to this....corn field after corn field. Yes, I have corn fields around where I live but it seems to get a bit more flat up here and more fields. In my parents neighboring town/village they used to have a billboard with the big orange triangle symbol explaining the slow moving vehicle thang. Oh, yes they did. Right next to the only bank in town billboard. Now where I live there are a thousand banks, 2 and 3 branches of the same bank.

So here are a few pics of pretty fields.

Now we are entering the big burg where I grew up. The only reason I show this pic is because to the left which you can't see is the Iams dog food plant. Our town always smells of dog food, french fries or marijuana depending on what additive they are mixing that day. Oh, yummo... marijuana dog food. Now ya know why they eat the crap. Cause it makes them HaaaPPYYYy!!!!This is coming into the big downtown. One flashing red light, yep, that's it.

And look--- generators--- since they were out of power for over a week in spots during Hurricane Ike..yes, this still kills me that Ohio got a hurricane. I wanted to get a shirt that said "I survived Hurricane Ike in Ohio"
Anyways, it was nice to be home and I thought I took a picture of the homestead but I think I was so excited to get out of the car I forgot. Which is more important than showing you all where I grew up. It was nice to be back and I will have to go back again soon and hang with my parents and do absolutley nothing but everything all at the same time. I have tons more pictures but they are for me to look at. I'm lucky I didn't wreck driving into town. I know anyone that saw me probably thought I was crazy for snapping pictures of every land mark in town but WhatEver... Thanks for going home with me and I'm sure there will be more in the future. I really do love this place.