Monday, November 24, 2008


I just had to laugh.. I was driving to work this cold, rainy morning.. I had turned on a Dayton station that is playing Christmas music (oh yes they were..already) when the weather came on. He announced: "A slight chance of rain with snow this evening" and then he went on to list the numerous schools up north that had a two hour delay due to snow and ice. Nothing about but the north got dumped on...I'm like ...slight chance of rain? I already had my windshield wipers turned up past the delay setting... That's a little more than slight chance and it's still raining 4 hours later. How can they pay these people? I want their job.. I could look out and say yep, it's gonna rain today.

Another thing....while I'm in gripe mode. We live west of the local national weather service office. We can have a terrible terrible storm, rain, snow, tornado, etc. come through and about the time it gets to the weather office they start throwing out all these warnings. I'm like, what about us that just lived through this. I think they open up their front door and look acoss the field (and I know where their office is and yes there is a big field well all around them.) and scream oh my god look at that coming and run to issues warnings of all kind. Not that the storms are always that bad but the weather seems to get worse when it hits that county. If they are having bad weather don't ya think we are 15 miles away..just something I think about.

Now I have to go think about all the pies and food and goodies I have to make for the rest of this week. Oh, it's still raining...