Monday, December 8, 2008


I was folding laundry and Emma was helping..she really was...atleast she was lying still and not running through my stacks of nicely folded laundry the way my mom taught me. I used to get so mad at her (my mom) cause she wanted them folded a certain way and I thought W-H-Y??? Now I completely understand and I am so sorry that I ever questioned her. Anywho.. Emma found that dad's warm shirt was very nice to nap on and I just kept putting things on her and she stayed there til I picked them up and then yelled "get your stinking dog butt off daddy's shirt" She didn't understand. You can see this day she was sporting her Green dress with pink princess crowns. She doesn't like this one as much as the leopard spotted one but who cares, she a dog right...WRONG..she is my baby gurl.

Apparently I take too many damn pictures of my dog. I really have as many or more of the kids but I don't put them on here cause all of the perverts. ~Cathy


Sara G said...

our little dog Kodee loves to come and lay on the warm laundry if I fold them on the couch! Sometimes I will put a little blanket in the dryer for her to cuddle on in the winter!!