Monday, December 8, 2008

Lebanon's Horse Parade

I am finally back..

It started Thursday with my bone scan. By the time I got on the table I hurt so bad I was lying there crying. They tell me I have arthritis from head to toe. I don't care what it is just make it go away or atleast livable.

Friday night we had the family birthday party for one of the girls.

Saturday I had to work so G took 5 girls swimming for a few hours and then we all packed up and went to the City of Lebanon for their annual Horse Parade. It had snowed yuck all day and there were all kinds of accidents but we made it. 7 kids in tow. After swimming, parade, 5 girls all arguing with each other and then a sleep over G was spent. Wow was he tired.
D and his friend were the chair boys, the girls carried hot chocolate and blankets. I was busy getting kids settled and then realized I didn't bring my zoom lens. I took tons of pics but between the dark and snow only a few were worth anything.

Then the snow starting flying and we were all getting cold.

G decided he was going to turn the car around so we could make a fast exit. One of the 5 girls decided to do the pee pee dance and everyone else followed leaving me to pick up all the chairs and blankets. A volunteer helped me pack two open chairs and then I pulled them down the street to G. He was in the car with a few of the girls and the boys were standing guard while the others ran into the bathroom.
We have decided that we won't do that again.. it was too much. Each kid can take a friend and that's it. We had 24 teenagers over this last summer and there wasn't near as much work as having 5 10 year olds....geeeeezzzzz


Heather said...

I have been wanting to go to the parade for a few years now and something always comes up. This year we were all sick. Maybe next year...

Sara G said...

Great post and photo's. One of these times we are going to make it to Lebanon for the Horse Parade. We have several friends who have horses in it. Just seems like we have something to do each time it rolls around.
Take care

Cathy Davis said...

I love it! It doesn't get too cold like that here in middle-Alabama! (Of course, I'm pretty glad of that. But, I do so enjoy the pictures :-)!)