Monday, December 1, 2008

Never a dull moment

I have been meaning to post this since the minute it happened but life got in the way so I think I will try it.
Thursday night-Thanksgiving day we went to G's mom's for dinner. We all arrived and was preparing for the feast. G's mom sat his 95 grandmother at the table in the kitchen. G and I sat down with my D and his cousin D. 15 year old(keep this in mind), Cousin D sat next to grandma L and all was going well when she looked over at him and asked him if he was one of D's friends. I then tried to explain in a loud clear voice that he was D's cousin. I went on to say that his last name was Wilson (not really but going with it) She grew up and still lives in a very small town where his family is from and is very well known. This is how the conversation went.

Me: Grandma L this is D, he is D's cousin.
L: Ohhhhh, I see. Now think of this little old 95 year old lady and her little squeaky, trembling voice
Me: I bet you know his family, he name is D Wilson, you know Wilson's from small little town..?
L: Ohhh yeees, I know them. Then something clicked..Reeeaaallly????
Me: Yeah, his grandpa is Chad Wilson from the Wilson family business.
L: Ohhhh, yesss, we used to "park" together when we were younger.
zurrzxkgfejfsdfofwuerouywer,,k,,what?ssdlfjlsdjfldjkjdf What..wHAt? Cousin D got this weird look on his face like what did you just say? I got this terrible, half choking, half chuckling laugh and had to get up and walk out. The other family asked what was wrong.
Me: "Oh nothing, Grandma L is just in telling cousin D how she made out with his grandpa."
G's mom: "Oh-God no."
Me: "Oh yes."
I couldn't believe that this 95 year old grandma was talking to a kid about making out with his 77 year old grandpa some 50 years ago. I really didn't even know where to go. I then went back in and came up with every explanation how and why it couldn't be the 15 year olds grandfather that 95 Grandma L made out with .. Later I proved that it must have been his father, which makes it a little bit better but still NOT.

Well that was my first dinner of the weekend. I laughed really hard. We all laughed and won't ever look at Grandma L again in the same way. I kept saying to myself..??Grandma L made out with Papaw Chad, oh, that's just weird."


More stories and pictures to come soon...I'm just moving a bit slow, all this food had caught up with me.


TCKK said...

You gotta admit it made for interesting table conversation!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love when people get old enough not to care what secrets they reveal.

Traci said...

I still laugh when I read this one!!! So funny.