Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year's Eve

Back in October G and I ran off to Put in Bay for my 40th birthday weekend. Do you remember that? Do you remember the story about the morning when I took off in the golf cart by myself and had this big ole' bus creep up on my bumper? Do ya remember that story? Huh? Well this bus turned out to belong to the LoCash Cowboys. They performed in town that weekend at a local bar. Greg and I went over to watched them the first night and I fell in love with their dancing. Do you remember the video of them dancing? Who could forget them dancin'. Well anyways if ya did check them at the bottom of my page in my video list. Update- the video is no longer available..sorry, but search them on youtube or go to their website. Did I say these boys can dance..

Anywho, guess where these two are going to be on New Year's Eve. No silly,,,not in Ohio, not on a small island town of Put in Bay..they made it big this year.
This is Preston... Preston Brust...
and this is Chris Lucas. They are the dancin machines of the LoCASH Cowboys.
And they are going to be on FOX for New Year's Eve. I think it's starts at 10 pm. Grab a drink and join me on twitter and we will watch the show together. Hope to see ya there. Get your dancin shoes on. Oh, Yeah!!!! ~Cathy