Friday, December 12, 2008

Photos by D

This is what prompted the photo shoot in the car. While driving to G's mom's house for Thanksgiving D asked if I had brought Baby (the camera) I said yes. He then said something to the fact that he had broke her earlier. I then turned the camera on to find pictures of Cousin D posing with his juice box (about 10 pics) I knew somewhere deep down he really was my son and had a passion for photography. In his own time he is coming around to the fact that everything, every minute needs to be photographed.
So when we go to the party I gave him the camera and told him to take pictures of everything. Here are a few. This is myself and Aunt Kristin sucking down a diet Coke. She had been eating my Apple Salsa and was feeling a bit flushed. This is our butts including Daisy our Labradoodle that we gave to Kristin cause she was too wild for the kids. They love her to death. We like to see her but after a few hours we thank God that they took her, she is a wild child.
This is Sheila's puppy Nikki that we got her last year for Christmas. She is a Maltepoo..She is a wild child too. I like, love, want to squeeze my precious little Emma for not being a wild child.
This is Kristin again..eating my Apple Salsa..AGAIN.. She wouldn't put it down.

Then this was a few days before. D came running in the house and said where is the camera. I was so proud. We were being invaded by birds and he wanted to get pictures. Every thing, Every minute.... After this he went and got his Air Soft gun and one shot and they all took off and didn't come back. He didn't even have any pellets in it. It made just the right sound to send them packing. He always tells the girls that he will protect them cause he has this gun in the house. He keeps it locked up so no little girls looking for Pictionary in his closet get to it. By the time he could get it unlocked and loaded it would be to it's a plastic bb..but he feels like he can save us with it. They tried to use it on a opossum once..yeah that worked.


TCKK said...

Yep, I'd say the bug has bitten and he has caught your photography gene!

Sara G said...

You will have to get him his own camera!! Or you will never see yours again!!
Take care. Great pics D!!

Anna said...

I love that last pic of all the birds in the tree.

Anonymous said...

So that's where all the birds have gone.

Geri said...

Ah, yes, my son was the same when he got a camera, photographying everything in sight, including butts. Very familiar! LOL!