Thursday, January 1, 2009

Come draw with me..come draw

We played 2 rounds of the ole' family favorite...Pictionary. See if ya can guess. Let me say first that we are not a family of artist. We have no idea what we are doing. Oh, this time we moved up to the original version of the game. We still believe that the Jr. version is challenge.1. Person, place or thing. 2. Person, place or thing.

3. Action

4. Person, place or thing...thing...

5. Okay this is a good one... Action.. If ya get this one I'll pay ya one million just kiddin... it's just a game.

6. Action

7. Thing- Movie

8. Thing



Anna said...

We haven't played Pictionary in ages! That looks like fun. Let me see...
1. the guy who paints the lines on the road, or maybe Johnny 5
2. alien, Martian
3. slapping your knee
4. hammerhead
5. I'd love that million dollars, but I have no idea - something about sledding on your hands into a totem pole?
6. vomit
7. the thing that ate the world
8. motorcycle

Do I win? :P