Monday, January 5, 2009


Have been asked by one of the monsters to read the Twilight series. I started Saturday night and I am actually enjoying it. I am not much of a reader so it has to be a quick, smooth read. I really do like it and can't wait to see the movie. I thought it might be along the lines of Harry Potter which I didn't let myself get into. Harry was just too wicked sounding for me but then I don't know a thing about it and never will. Anywho.. I am off to try and finish this book and then on to the next. ~Cathy


Anonymous said...

Happy reading!

TCKK said...

Hope you enjoy it. I couldn't get into it, but I think it's because I had already seen the movie, so I pretty much knew what was going to happen, which kinda bored me. I think you're doing it the right way. Read the book, then see the movie.

*Lissa* said...

Loved this series!

Gill - That British Woman said...

dd (she's 23) has just finished reading it ans was saying how good it was and was going to pass it on to me?

I am mentioning your blog on a post I am doing on Friday on my blog.

Gill in Canada