Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Breakfast Menu

A few nights ago G and I had dinner at The Claddaugh Irish Pub. We ate beef stew that was to die for and for desert I had Bread Pudding. Not something that I would wreck the car to get to but it was good. Then for some reason tonight I was craving it. So I jumped up and went into the kitchen and whipped these two babies up. I call it French Casserole-
This one has chocolate chips

and this one has raisins. This one is just casserole style french toast and much easier. I have always hated dunking the bread piece by piece to make french toast so now I know what to do.
This is Miss Emma Sue the clean up crew in her wooly mammoth winter fur.
They are both good so I have decided for breakfast on the weekends I will throw this to the troops and see what they think. Now I don't follow directions nor do I measure anything so here's how I did it.
List of ingredients-
Cinnamon, raisins, chocolate chips.
I tore up slices of bread into big pieces. Placed them into two small casserole dishes.
I then topped one with chocolate chips and the other with raisins.
I mixed eggs, milk, vanilla and some pure sugar cane. (the raisin one I added cinnamon)
I dumped (proper cooking terminology) the mixture in the dish and made sure the bread was covered.
I sprinkled them both with pure sugar again and threw them in the oven at 450 degrees til golden brown.
I think I might try bananas or cranberries.


TCKK said...

Hey, that looks really good and it sounds like something even I could make!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good...I may even try it!

Thanks for the idea.


Rhea said...

I don't like raisins in my bread as much as I like chocolate. Those both look so incredibly delicious though. I'm drooling now.

And your clean up crew is pretty darn cute.