Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's that time

It's race time again.
D is going to practice for a few months to get his bearings again before racing. The plan is they will start in the middle of summer. I have a feeling by the middle of April the race will be on. For those of you that weren't around last fall, D wrecked back in October and received a nasty concussion and some road burn. Needless to say his race year was over and he doesn't remember a thing about the wreck.. That could be a good thing or bad. I guess good for him cause he's not afraid to go back out there and try it again.

Last week I posted this picture of D in his new race gear. I haven't got any good pics of it but he jumped in the bathroom, tried it on and snapped a pic. When he wrecked he broke his helmet and tore his gear. He was wearing boots that had some bad history soooooo. For Christmas he got a new Thor (I think it is Thor)helmet. I would have to run look but I'm not.. then he got new Alpine Star ones to to make his own history. With a gift certificate he got new Von Zipper goggles and he had his Leatt brace from the year before. I will say it again- I do truly believe that his Leatt brace saved his neck and back. I saw the wreck/flip/drop and I said to my self then.. It did it's job, it did what it was supposed to.. as I was running, screaming and about to hyperventilate. So now we are getting the rest of his things together. He just got his Thor black with white polka dotted gear. It does look a little silly but it's that kind that Chad Reed-Pro wears and it is different. I am proud of him for being able to stand out. We still need to order THOR gloves and a chest protector. I think if he would have had the chest protector on he wouldn't have had the road burn. Maybe not but he's wearing one now. The weather is to be nice this weekend and the plan went from visiting a friend that just got a new bike to taking all the boys to the track and ride. I guess I better get some sandwiches packed.



TCKK said...

Hope you guys have fun and D stays safe!

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Is this dirt bike racing? Too scary for me!

Justine :o )
And why does that thing look like an apron? LOL