Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dance Ecosse of Scotland

Before I discovered how to get this blog back after deleting it I had posted pics of the team from Scotland that our girls competed against at Nationals in Florida. I have since suspended that blog and came back to my old one. I noticed the other day that there was a search for this team and my pictures were gone so I am posting them again. I hope they enjoy the few that I did take of them.

Check out their website.Dance Ecosse of Scotland- awesome custom made costumes. They were a bit different then we have here in the states but they were cool to watch. Our girls said every single one of them plus the coach was awesome to talk to and enjoyed it a lot.


Dance Ecosse said...

Hi Cathy - thanks so much for this we have only just found out about it... we had a great time over at your Nationals and I was so proud of everyone of my dancers - Yes we were a bit different from the norm over there and I think that affected our results!!! bu tthank you again for showing us to a wider public. Many thanks and hope you are all well - Cheers Grahame Love, Dance Director, Dance Ecosse Scotland.