Friday, April 24, 2009

Do you see it.. neither did I

Come find with me..

Okay so myself and a few "geeky" friends went out geocaching today. We started up the walking trail and thought "Oh how hard can this be?" Well after spending A LOT of time in the brush off the trail we phoned a friend (this friend actually hid this cache) So asked a few simple but needed questions.. Me: "you really don't make us cross the creek?" Her: "Well YEAH...." So we all trucked over the river and up the hill to a new hunting spot... I walked right past this little bugger... Then T made the find.. It was awesome.. It was down on the ground along a big ole' dead tree and covered with sticks and pieces of the tree.... I think this was my most challenging yet ,,,well at least out in the woods.. This one was fun. We walked almost 3 miles looking for this. Here's what we found inside. Playing cards, bubbles, a whistle, pins, hand sanitizer, balls, dice, OFF bug wipes, a clapper thing, trading cards and the log book. I left a glow necklace, T left a slinky and C left a hair band.. Awesome fun.. Go to and try it for your self.
We then went back up the trail to find another one.. There was a FTF(first to find) bag inside.. It actually had a $1.00 bill inside and a bunch of trinkets. We left it for a kid cacher to find and take.



TCKK said...

Geeky, huh!