Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

All of us here at the World would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.Okay, the great jelly bean debate. Which ones are your favorite flavors?Mine are the Juicy Pear... oh, yummo.!!!

This is what a teenage dirt bike riding boy's basket looked like this year and ya know what...he was happy as a bug. No earrings, belts, cd of a favorite band, no funny 5 toed socks,,no sure ree.. he loved his jugs of Simple Green to was his bike and the brush, rags. He loves or needs that kind of stuff and although he is hard to buy for, duct tape and rope are always a staple. How are boys to fix anything without duct tape and where would be the rope swing at the lake or swinging through the trees if ya didn't have plenty of rope. D, Cousin D and Co were playing in the trees a few years ago and Co fell, he broke both wrists.. Nice huh? Oh, and D filmed it with two different phones so we have proof, sounds and the Oh my God, are you alright? .... scream.....

And what Easter is complete without the left over pile of dead Easter grass that will be found for weeks on end.

Happy Easter everyone, hope you a had a special nice day.


*Lissa* said...

Happy Easter!! Love the pics!

TCKK said...

Happy Easter!!!