Saturday, April 11, 2009


Plan A- I was taking the boys to the dirt bike store for an easter egg hunt but we found out that the free stuff and coupons were only in the ADULT eggs so they opted to forget the big hunt this year and go with plan B.

Plan B- G was taking the girls to the zoo. So the boys packed up and went to find a relative. As they were walking out the door I told D that all I wanted was a picture of him with a giraffe to show his grandkids one day.

Out of 250 some pics, this is what I got........

D in front of a pop machine with a giraffe... See I knew I should have gone but I was so tired from working all night I would have been a total grouch butt..
Crazy kids- -



Anna said...

Did you specify that it was supposed to be a live giraffe? It's a fun pic anyway.