Sunday, April 19, 2009

My dirty Saturday

I woke up around 2 pm on Friday.. I finally made it to bed Saturday night around 1130pm.. I did get a 2 hour nap in Saturday night but other than that I was up...and this is how I kept myself going Saturday morning and afternoon.. I ran around in the dirt taking pictures of the boys. This is my D

This is my baby's daddy...ha ha He jumped to far, hard or just flat out crazy beyond what he could handle and flipped into a mud was more like a pond.. He was dripping with mud.Just a little damage to his brand new bike.. he had to run and buy new handle bars..
Jump after jump,dust cloud after dust cloud.. I was two shades darker when I finally got done.

This is Cousin D.. it is his 16th Birthday Monday and all he wanted was for all the boys to go riding..

Just a few of the almost 700 something that I took....guess what I'm doing tonight.. I love it. This bottom pic has no tweaking, no cropping nothing but behind the jumper is our line of trucks..the caravan. When we left the place cleared out. We had a good time.. I had a dirty mouth... I kept telling the boys that when they would come in to rest.. I wish I had some Orbit gum with me..



Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Awesome pictures!!!!!!!!!!! I'm guessing you didn't like the muddy lens suggestion?

Justine :o )

TCKK said...

Hey, you got some great pictures Cathy. Are you still going to start your business? If these pics are any indication, you'll be really good at it!!

Traci said...

Cathy, these pictures are great. You have a lot of talent!!

Val said...

I am totally NOT showing this blog to the hubby!

He thinks my almost three year old should have already started riding.
Me think NOT!

Looks like they are having a blast though!

Brandy said...

Yeah what Traci said! If you have the Sony and can take this shots while being self taught - uh yeah, this is the camera for me!

Thanks for the advice! I'm going this weekend to check it out, hold it, feel it and make sure it's the one.