Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nice guy

Last night I was surfing motocross photos to compare to mine.. I ran across this website and thought oh why not.. I emailed the photographer, his name is Hoss Sharifi- factoryphoto.I figured I would never hear from him and one day months from now I would see my sent email and say..stupid jerk. Well, I must take that thought back and I am sorry for ever thinking it. When I woke up I had a return email from him saying that he was watching his baby today and to call anytime.. How crazy is that? So I got settled in front of the computer with a pad and paper and called him. He was the nicest guy.

He told me all the ins and outs to starting a photography business (motocross style) what worked, what didn't and even gave me a camera lesson on the phone. I wish he was closer to Ohio so I could go and get a first hand lesson from him out in the dirt.. He was awesome. He "only" does AMA races now but started out with a laptop hooked to a car battery and a milk crate. Did ya like the only.. I wish I "only" did professional races.. Well that's not true cause then I wouldn't have time to watch my baby monster. He gave me some real good info to start and I am going to look into this further and maybe get some other equipment, maybe like another lens...yeah...I can't wait. Well off to get my thoughts together. ~Cathy


TCKK said...

Good luck and hope you have fun with it!!!