Monday, April 6, 2009

Talent Show

Friday night the monster #3 was invited to a friends house for a talent /dog fashion show. She wanted to take Emma by herself, she said she would hold her and nothing would hurt her. I wasn't about to let my baby girl to a strangers house with a 10 year old in charge. We decided that we would go, just hang around or set in the car in case something happened. She was upset that we didn't trust her and stated that
NO OtHer pArEnts WoULd bE ThERe and she would look so stupid. So we get there and all kinds of parents were taking their seats. We ended up grabbing seats and had a really good time. The group has been planning this for 2 months, they made posters and fliers for the whole neighborhood. They had all kinds of talents- one stood on his hands, one girls danced, one showed his drawings, other did magic. They had a lot of fun.
Here Emma is getting ready for her debut fashion show. She is thrilled beyond words.

After the talent part the kids danced to Y-M-C-A and Celebration and rolled around the yard a few times.
Emma didn't do to well, she was not sure what to do but she won a bone anyways.
Then came the social bug Chorkie. She looked like a blonde Emma with a long tail and then once they told us what mix she was you could see the Chihauhau shake. She was a zinger..
If was fun and I told G that I wish our kids would do something like that..then we just laughed., No Way.



TCKK said...

Hey looks like a fun time and I think Emma looks cuter and should have won!!!!