Monday, April 13, 2009

Tiney is the winner

Okay so I had asked all of you a few posts back to help with a name for my new photography business.. I still hate to call it that cause I'm not a photographer. I also mentioned this to G earlier I didn't really want to call it "photography" for that reason but he put it to me like this. He had an internet company and just because they weren't AOL they still called it xxxx internet. So I guess that made sense but I would rather call it photos or pictures or something but anywho... my whole attitude changed when I heard Justine's suggestion. Here is her comment to me.. I love it..

Okay Cathy, we JUST got home from a 4 hour drive across the state, and what's the FIRST thing I do? I sign on here to tell you the name I came up with while sitting in the car for endless hours this weekend. And now I don't even want to tell you because you'll probably hate it. But here goes...

Dirty Lens Photography We make dirt look good

Isn't that awesome.. I am going with it so there for Justine is the WINNER.. Thank you so much.. Let me say this was not an actual contest and there were no real prizes but maybe one day if I earn a lot of money I will have real contest and she will get the first prize.. I'm so glad that I have real blog friends on here that think that much about me.

Run over to her site and check out her puppy washing the car.. awesome.


Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Heeheeheeeeeeeeeee! I'm so glad you like it! But were you stone when you read my last post? My GIRLS were washing the car, not the puppy! LOL

Justine :o )

Sara G said...

AWESOME name....Good luck with it.