Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

This is my first time doing Top Ten Tuesday so here it goes.
Top Ten things I love about spring break.
1. The kids get a break from school
2. The parents get a break from getting up early to take the kids to the bus. No worrying about homework, or lunches and bedtimes.
3. A little taste of summer and what they have to look forward to. A little push to carry them til the beginning of June.
4. We usually go to Gatlinburg which has all kind of memories for us. The kids will even say "it smells like Gatlinburg" This year we didn't go anywhere cause we just got back from Florida but today G is thinking of some place close to run off to for the weekend. I have to work so I will have to stay behind but I hope they can have some fun.
5. Usually spring break gets us outside to check out the gardens and new blooming flowers. Considering we are below freezing I don't think that's gonna happen this week. I love spring.
6. Spring break USUALLY means the end of winter but not this year.
7. Buying Easter stuff, which I still have to do. I love watching the kids play with all of their bubbles and paddle balls and find their favorite candy in their basket.
8. Reading about Easter in the bible. I don't know why but I always think of the color purple around this time of year.
9. The feast- since we haven't had one since Christmas it is time for a feast to get us through til Thanksgiving.
10. Just getting time to spend with the kids and relax.
Well this my first time so how did I do?~Cathy


TCKK said...


I just use the link button on the post page and then link it to ohamanda.com

I don't think it has to be in by 0800. I just happened to do mine early this week. Usually I do it on my lunch break at work.

Did you connect to the Mr. Linky at Ohamanda?

TCKK said...

By the way, I like your list too. Those all sound like fun things. I haven't made an Easter Basket for my kids in several years. I think I may this year.

Blondie said...

I feel so relaxed after reading your list! It's funny because we homeschool (we've slept LATE the last two weeks) but I guess your list takes me back in time! Enjoy the time off and the Easter festivities!