Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You made your "messy thrilling life"

"The relief associated with ending this blog is enormous. I say this without apology. I want to be anonymous. I'm tired of my life being "monitored" by people I'd rather not keep tabs on me." Anonymous? what?

Isn't this what a blog is about?

"Now this blog is read by people I've never met in places I've never been. But the tone of my blog never changed. It's always been about my life - my grief, my searching, my joys and my dreams. It was never right for ads or profit. Life isn't all about money. It was about reaching out, sharing myself and what little I have, and connecting with friends." Profit? She is living better than we are.

That's why she asked for donations and wanted to charge for you/us to advertise our blogs on her website. That's why everyday she told us how she was starting a bakery where she charged $14.00 for a dozen for cookies, traveling to Istanbul, drinking wine and eating expensive cheese but was living in a 100 some year old house with no heat cause she didn't have the money.

We (a fellow blogger) and myself have followed this girl for almost a year. Everything she says makes no sense. I could leave her a comment and get advertising for my blog without paying her a dime, but I am not paying her to spot light me so she can make some money. She does not believe in ads but on her other website she has ads. She does not follow anyone but her brother and will not comment cause she doesn't have time. What else does she have to do, she had no job, and could take the time to read and delete that nasty ones.. cause she didn't want to hear the bad stuff but aparently doesn't want anyone keeping tabs on her either... that just kills me, Gosh, I am rambling but I have had enough.

From her comment section-
Quick note about your comments: I love them! Thanks for taking the time to contribute. While I read each and every word written here, I regret that I'm unable to personally respond to or follow up on comments at this time. Thanks for understanding.

She has a habit of deleting bad comments but leaves the ones that are warm and fuzzy and then says this above. She is tired of people keeping "tabs" on her.. All I have to say is then STOP BLOGGING.. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

She has said over and over that she is not blogging anymore but continues to carry on and then writes stuff like this and everyone still gushes over her. I just had to say something, we read her blog and we both go..huuh? Then why, why? She wants the attention but doesn't want it. For now I will not expose her blog to you all, cause then I would have to charge her. No, this is not like me but I don't understand her.

She has reeled in people with her sob story and asked for donations and had her roof fixed but then she can turn around and get 60 some comments of all nice nice stuff but then say this about people that she doesn't like them keeping "tabs" on her.

We really think she is Sa"brin"a Ward Harrison and is overly wealthy and just playing to the masses with her "poor me, I will set here and whine and eat my cheese"while all of her followers make her living for her. I think it's time for the girl to get a job and a real life.

Sorry is I offend anyone, I just can't see straight at the moment..


Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Uh hello? If you're going to write all this you HAVE to tell me who this wench is!!!!!!!!!!

Justine :o )

Latte With Me said...

Have you heard of Munschoshon's disease? (I know that's not how it's spelled, but it's the one where people make their children or themselves sick for the attention?) It happens in the cyber world too. Doesn't have to be a sickness, it can be other things.

I sort of go by what does this blog contribute to me and my reading? Do I interact with this person (they visit me on the blog, I visit them, etc.)? How easy is it for me to delete them? (LOL seriously...)

I would just delete it and move on. Probably not worth the effort to continue a blogship with this person. Just my two cents :-)!

Latte With Me said...

You might find this post interesting (I wrote it a while back).