Friday, May 8, 2009

Blog Fart Friday

Jump on over and visit Jaci and read more Blog Fart Fridays.. I dare ya... I have been slacking in my Blog Fart Fridays, well honestly I have been slacking in the whole blog thing for about a week but I think I'm back now..soooo without further ado ---

1. What in the world does "without further ado" mean..well let me tell ya-

without further ado (adv)
immediately, at once, forthwith, without delay, on the double, right away, straightaway, straightway

For years D has used the word or term- Straightaway. I think it's the only word that he truly knows the meaning of. When I am trying to get him to do something. I can ask, tell, scream, beg, cry, melt to the ground and seap into the carpet and nothing.. I get a "HUH?" But when I say straightaway he moves like his butt is on fire...hmmm... again I am perplexed.

2. While I'm on the subject of D - Why when he's around does his phone buzz non stop and he will stop anything to look at his new current world shatterening news but when I, his mother, the one that went off Coke while pregnant, the one that he was pulled from calls or texts I get no answer..and when I do get an anwser he says "oh I didn't know you called.." Yes he does know cause he looks at the thang every 5 seconds. I usually give him a "call me NOW" text and my phone will ring before I can say Monster.....

3. Why oh why would someone leave wet cleaning rags under the bottles in a cleaning caddy... Please help me understand.

4. Don't ever try the shrimp, mandarin orange, candied pecan, cranberry salad at O'Charleys.. Oh it's horrible. The lettuce tastes like grass, the shrimp tasted like bad spiced cardboard.. Terrible.. here is your warning.. It looks good on the menu but...NOT!!!

5. I just wish that the Jon and Kate's problems could stay between them. I hate that this is turning into a tabloid slash. But if Jon is cheating..well... there are's just not good. Kate will eat him alive and she should.

6. I can't wait for the weekend.. I am really hating the work thing.. I love what I do, I just can't stand to work anymore. I need a serious a month off. I know if I was at home all the time, I would hate it too..but right now.. ummmm.... just not liking it.


Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Straightaway. Isn't that a British thing? That phone thing is sooooooooo typical, but not with my kids, but my HUSBAND. Almost NEVER answers when he sees it's me. Ooh, I'm getting pissed now. Thanks! LOL

And LOL... you said when you were pregannt you went off "coke". That didn't sound right!

Justine :o )

TCKK said...

Next time you text him to call you trying texting straightaway!!!

I want a month off too. Aint gonna happen anytime soon though. Probably for either of us!!!

Brandy said...

I love BFFs...

My teen tried that "I didn't get it" like once before I laid down the law on him. Now I get and receive the appropriate text.

I don't why people do anything with a dirty rag except wash it. I'm so paranoid about germs in my kitchen that IF I use a washcloth it gets washed that night. Most of the time I just use papertowels so that I can throw them away...I know it's not economical but I don't care.