Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is "perplexed" the word

2nd part of previous post-

I have been running on fumes. I work midnights, I get off work at 8 am and sleep til about 130 or 2pm . I jump in the shower and run out the door with wet hair and then stay up ALL night til 8 am. G works 14 hours days and gets home around 930, I leave at 1130. Dance has started again, dirt bike racing starts next Sunday and I don't have time to think SOOOOOO. I hired a cleaning lady to come in twice a month to keep the house on track. She came yesterday while I was sleeping and when I walked downstairs I didn't get the angels singing...tadaaaaa "oh my house is glorious" feeling. I kind of thought, well it looks like it did when I went to bed.

She finished up and I started wondering through the house and the part of me that had been nagging kicked into full gear... I don't feel like I deserve a cleaning person, I should just kicked myself in the butt and do it myself but I really don't have any energy to to do on top of everything else. Then the more I looked around the more disappointed I got. This is the girls first cleaning job so should I cut her a break? or being her first house should she have really impressed me considering as she was walking out the door she wanted me to throw her name out to others so she could get her business going.. hmmmm?

Pros- she oiled the dining room table Cons- she missed a big spot on top of the table

pros- she oiled the banister Cons- didn't dust the balcony (which I agree is not an everyday thing.

pros- she wiped down the cabinet fronts..big pro-- cons- she didn't clean under the microwave

pros- she cleaned the bathroom floor (it was very nice) cons- she didn't clean behind the soap dish on the tub, she didn't move my makeup boxes on the counter, and there is still lipstick on the bathroom mirror.

pros- she cleaned up the one monsters room (which I had asked her not to BECAUSE---the monsters need to learn responsibilty 2. the other monster spent 2 days on cleaning her room and bath SOOOO it could be cleaned.) cons- Now I hope the second monster doesn't get the idea that she can leave a mess a it will be taken care of.. the reward was if you clean/pick up your room, remove all science projects and other unknown globs from flat surfaces your room it will be cleaned.

The big con- I asked her to "dust" and sweep in our room.. She did sweep but as far as dusting..nada.. She may have ran the swiffer across the front of the dresser but as far as picking things up/moving thing she did not do this. There was picture frame and jewelry box and she didn't move or touch them.

I should be thankful that the house in a whole is clean..Right???? but then I think that I paid her and I need to back over things to make it right. If I was to have company in and brag that I have a cleaning person they would look around and think, then why is the lamp not dusted, why are there crumbs under the microwave and the is a dead month is clear view from the couch..

I don't want to be a whiner but I think I have the right. It's like getting your nails done and them not painting one or getting car washed only to miss one side. I have been (not upset) but perplexed on what to do and how to handle this. My first instinct is to give her another chance but why should I have to show the girl have to dust. I really feel weird about having a cleaning person anyways but others do it and I think that's cool, nice they can do it for themselves but with me I kind of feel like a failure that I can't do everything.. Well now I need to get off her and edit more pictures and then run off to work at midnight.. so see where my time goes. .. Thanks for letting me vent.. ~Cathy


TCKK said...

If you aren't happy with the job, just have a talk with her and tell her what's wrong and what you expect and then give her another chance. Unless of course you don't want to, then don't. If you're paying, you should be able to have it your way. Remember you're the customer. Anyway, let me know how it works out.

Traci said...

I totally agree with TCKK. I think you should talk to her and tell her what you expect. She'll probably do what's on your list and you'll feel a lot better.

*Lissa* said...

I would talk to her.

I broke down right after I had the twins and hired a cleaning lady. I was not so impressed the first time either. I asked her the next time to do specific things... still didn't do a good job.

That was the end of her. And I desperately wish I had one now!!