Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rain and Hail Oh My!!!

Yesterday we had a round of storms which thank goodness didn't turn out to be too bad.

I just love storm clouds. I am kind of a weather freak. I will set on the porch and watch it storm. G thinks I'm crazy and he always warns me about the lightening. lightning smightning..


*Lissa* said...

I love, love, love storms too! I have been bummed because we haven't gotten anything good so far this year! ;o)

TCKK said...

Neat clouds!!! We like to sit on the porch in the rain, but not the lightening!!

Sara G said...

Great clouds...I love storms too and go to the porch at the first sign of one.
Fox19 used a couple of my pictures to explain a question I had asked on the news last night. I put them up for my Sky Watch Friday post.