Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The new garden during construction April 2008

Original post April 2008

Yesterday we pulled weeds and put mulch down. I would like to thank the monsters, S and D for helping. J was off socializing with a friend. Here is how our day went. I got home from work at 8 am.. yes 8 in the morning. I tried to lay down but thought of all the stuff we needed to do. So S and I went and bought flowers for the flower pots. We drank gobbs of coffee and I got a little wired. Then they started pulling weeds. I can't believe we have weeds. lol.... G and I went and got mulch. We took Barry's truck and let me say that is a truck. My land yacht does not drive like a truck. Thank God!!! Then we mulched around what we could til we ran out. Then S and she will kill me but she got stung by a wasp on her bum. She cried and it swelled up and she was down for the count after that with a ice bag on her rump for a few hours. I would have cried to. Then I decided or my body decided that being up for 23 hours was not a good thing and I crashed. When I woke up we tore the garden of weeds down. Sorry I don't have before and after pics but you really aren't missing anything. I seemed like a good idea last year to put this ugly fence up but it was a nightmare. So I came up with a new idea. New year, New garden, New idea..Right? Well G just shakes his head and listens and then gives me the manly techincal point of view. Oh, and my new idea...a garden box. Hopefully it will look neat and clean and not like the trailor trash one we had last year. Last years was awlful. While he was doing this, did you notice I said "he?" Well HE came across Sally the snake. So HE killed it. Then I went ahhhhh... I don't like snakes but I hated to see it laying there dead. He said when do females always do that. So later S came out and asked where Sally the snake was and I said proudly that G had killed it and she said...yep...ahhhhh. I think he rolled his eyes. I tried to explain that we will always be female and we will always go..ahhhhh. Anywho. I need to get busy. The rest of the troops are resting peacefully with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads and I just got a visit from my main man Baxter Bean ... Oh, G still hasn't named this darn fish.I did see a spark in his eye when I mentioned the name Ozzy, the fish of darkness. Ozzy was on the radio when we where hanging new mini blinds in the den. Anywho. Everyone have a great day. And pray for no rain, we have a lot to do.

G giving D instruction on building

The finished project. Notice S's spotted slippers she is wearing. It's the modern day tractor wear. The kids are going to paint it this weekend and jazz it up a bit.


TCKK said...

Anyone want to come and do one for me?