Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My flowers May 2008

Original post 5-18-2008

I thought these tires tracks in the neighbors yard were cool looking
Little bright but I thought it was kind of pretty
Took about 13 shots to get this one.

Bleeding hearts
It took me 10 times to get this shot...Thank God for digital cameras. Ifyou click on this pic you can see ants climbing all over.
My Cilantro for Pica de Gallo
Our lanterns on the back porch
Our walmart ball, he is always happy
The junk pile next to the fence. I am not really sure what this thing is. Oh, G says it's an old blade or something. Whatever, it needs to go.
My bathing beauty frog that mom gave me. Oh look, her toes are covered with mulch


I don't know what half my plants are called. I just plant them and if they grow so be it.. I can't put too much time into them or they would die.


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