Saturday, August 9, 2008

Meet Baxter Bean - Part 2

Read Part 1 1st.. see below
Okay where was I..
So after Lili Mae had a smoke, drink and a bite to eat she was walking through the kitchen and I saw it. Oh yuck yuck.... There was a bubble sticking out of her (as Oprah says) VaJJ.. I then kind of scooted in behind her and told her in so many words to pick up the pace and get in that box now cause I wasn't having baby splat on the floor.
I then yelled for my son to come into the room. There we stood -closet door open, flash light in hand, two heads hovering over the maternity ward and it happened. Mr. Baxter Bean was born. He was a little slimy mess with his little cord still attached. D wasn't too fond of the whole birthing experience and I believe he said, "OK, that was gross" and was out the door. I sat there on the bed and talked to Lili Mae and told her how to breath (he-he-ho-ho) I think that's what got her into trouble.. he he and she is ho ho.. did I say that..
She had 5 little beautiful babies. We named them #1- Baxter (of course) and #2- Ielpi was his little gray striped twin (they had the same markings.) Ielpi was named after Jon Ielpi from squad 288 New York Fire Dept. Jon was killed the World Trade Center on 9-11. That's a whole other story. #3-Emma was a gray sassy spitfire, I would have loved to keep her too. She reminded me of Sarah 3 horn off of the Land Before Time movie. #4-Sunflower, she was black and had this dense Brillo pad like fur with bright yellow on the tips. It looked like she rubbed up against a wet wall and brushed paint on herself. She was really kind of strange but sweet as could be. She was always cold and one night her mom jumped in bed with her and crawled under the covers. She was ice cold so I wrapped her up and we took a nap but then mom put all of them in bed. Needless to say I didn't get very much sleep that night. And let's not forget #5- simple Blackie.. he was black I bet ya didn't get that part and he was a freak. He would climb up you leg with his new little claws and wow.. it hurt. We ended up giving them all away except Mr. Baxter and he turned out to be a great little cat... Then Miss Lili Mae Hurricane pulled another one on us. This time she earned her name. .. This was enough reading for the night so I will finish it this weekend. Thanks for taking the time to get to know my kittys...


Romi said...

I love the names of all the kitties. Baxter Bean is a very pretty cat. Looks like he rules the roost.