Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chicken Curry

Yesterday a memory was brought back to me and then last night I had this dream. I woke up at 5 am wanting Chicken Curry. About 20 years ago I was dating this older man.. Older as in 11 months older but come on. He went to our rival school and was the coolest thing in the world. His family lived in Africa when he was 7 years old and their cook made Chicken Curry. When they came back they would make it about once a month. Now, I was not the adventurous food type. I stuck with the good ole' ham and green beans, roast and noodles kind of thing. The first time they made it I was like "What is Chicken, what?" It didn't smell real good but I did try it. I was not impressed. I could go my whole life without eating that again. But after a few times of them making it over the 3 and something years that we dated I found that I didn't only like it, I loved it. You could smell it outside the house and we would be say: "Yes, they are making it.!!!" Anywho, I am going to make it but need to grab a few things from the store and I will scan some awesome big haired pics of me to go along with it but for now I will give you the receipe..

Cube chicken or steak
Place meat in cooking bag with pineapple or pina colada yogurt.
Add curry powder- Now I don't measure anything so just throw some in.. you can do it.
You can also add some canned or fresh pineapple and coconut if ya want.

Cook til meat is done. I don't know who long cause I don't time anything either.

Place meat and sauce on bed of rice and top with favorite toppings.


Serve with hard rolls.

Wasn't that easy.


Anna said...

This sounds really good. I'm going to have to try it.