Sunday, September 28, 2008

D in 1999

This is where D got his start. He first had this itty bitty quad runner and then he moved to a really small dirt bike. Now he's on a big ass 250 cc.. His first race is in about 9 hours. He is excited but nervous..
If you click on the pictures you can see them better. Take note on the green star and green circle picture to the right of the star. See the ramps or bumps or whatever they may be. Come on that was a big obstacle for a 4 year old. He was big time then. And the speed,, can ya see the speed the boy has?
I couldn't get the scanner to work at 2:30 in the morning and I could tell ya right now G doesn't want to hear about it. So, I took a few pics of pics of D on his first quad runner when he was 4. This is the bike that the brake got stuck and he ran into the fence. Isn't he the cutest thang ya have ever seen. He's such a man now. Anywho, wish him luck and I will try and twitter updates when possible. Thanks to all that's showing him your support.
I was just looking at these photos and I have to point out some things that make D, D.. First his Jamaica shirt- he loved that Tye die shirt, his little Levi's and his little boots. I miss his little Levi's. He walked in the kitchen the other day and I noticed that him and G are eye to eye now. He was just 5'10 and now 6'01.. Where did my little boy go?