Sunday, September 28, 2008

UV man

This is UV man. My son was supposed to make a bracelet out of the pipe cleaner but the rebel made UV man instead. This is UV man hanging on the couch. Not much but some action going on.
This is UV man after he ran naked outside in the harmful rays. Yes I said naked- NAKED- NaKED- nAKed. He's a dirty ole' man.They call him the STREAK! yAOWWW
After the kids abused UV man to MR. Sun they played around a while. I supervised and laid on the warm, crunchy-straw like ground with baby and did what I do best (or atleast what I like to do) I will never claim to be a photographer but maybe one day when I grow up...It's a dream. For now I must capture the monsters in all their games and have proof that yes, once in a while they do have fun and can't say that they are bored.. I am so sick of hearing this. I'M BORED...
This is D standing over me taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. Except on his end I am sure it was sent out that very moment to all my stray children around the city.

This was S's idea to jump and have baby look at them.
Then we went bigger and better. They jumped off the retaining wall.

Then we all went inside and were once again BORED..