Thursday, September 18, 2008

Peaceful Wednesday

I found that having no electricity is quite calming and peaceful. I know I will never get G and the kids to go along with this but I think sometimes we just need to shut everything off and breathe. I enjoyed cleaning everything out of the frig and knowing that sometime this week I can start over. I always complained that we needed a bigger frig and now I am thinking maybe I should just get rid of some stuff. I did at one point think of running the sweeper and then I remembered- - oh yeah, we don't have electric. I wonder if I ran it across the carpet and let wheel marks if it would have made me feel better. Maybe tomorrow I will try it just to see. So maybe one day when your life is feeling a little hectic turn everything off and breathe.

Although, if a saw an electric crew truck I would make them dinner if I could, but I can't. Maybe I'll get them some snacks and drinks.. (Crews have come from North and South Carolina to help get us back to normal.)


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

awww... I'm always liking a bit of a power outage... we light the candles, sit back and actually talk! It's really nice... not too sure about a long term power outage but lovin' short term ones for sure!
Hang in there!
Mountain Retreat

*Lissa* said...

It actually does sound peaceful. I bet I would get SO MUCH more done if I didn't get sucked into the computer and stuff. ;o)

Have a good day and I hope you get your electricity back soon!

TCKK said...

It hasn't been too bad. Although we've been so busy this week that I didn't get to spend too much time at home to enjoy the quiet. But the one night we were home, we had a great time. We actually went outside and sat on the porch swing for an hour or so. Then the girls and I played a game at the table and had a lot of fun. Maybe we should try this even when we have electric. lol.

I have to say though I was extremely happy when the power came back on this morning. I felt like a kid in the candy shop. And tonight we went to the grocery and got some things to put back in the fridge. But it's pretty nice to have it all cleaned out again and enough stuff to eat, but not so much that you can't see what you have.

Hope yours comes back soon and hope you have fun shopping for new stuff!!!