Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

Okay, this is an explanation on how I think.. I usually type what I am thinking even it doesn't make sense cause this is what I do at work. I type what I hear.. I don't have room on my screen to write a story. I need the facts. G always gets on me cause I don't finish a sentence but this is what goes through my head. In my line of work I think, think and think. I have to think about 4 different things at once, How many did they say were injured, which squad went where and what channel are the helicopters on again and do I answer the radio, the phone or 911 first. Actually we usually try to do it all at once but what comes first is the question. Well it's not really a question to me it's just doing it. Anywho.,,
I started out tonight to talk about G and the electric and the new little pringles I bought and this is how it went when I started to type..

G and I ran into Wal-Mart today to get some pool chemicals since no electricity =equals= green mossy pool.. I am terrible at remembering stories, jokes, and quotes, I always get it half right..but one I do remember is the line in the movie "You've Got Mail" Meg Ryan was talking to the male that worked in her store and he had a date that night. Does anyone remember what he said? Anyone???? He was going to to buy some eucalyptus candles so his apartment smelled mooossey.

Wow I wasn't too far off - here is the quote :

George Pappas: I'm going to get eucalyptus candles cuz it makes my apartment smell Moss-a.

Anyways, I have always remembered that quote.. I don't know why cause I can't remember what I had for dinner last night but anywho.. Back to my story..

G and I went to Wal-Mart, they didn't have any chemicals but I did find these new little Pringles- Pringle Minis.. They are the cutest things, they are shaped just like regular Pringles but smaller and they seem to be a little thicker, not so flaky. So next time your out grab a bag. I say they are OK....

The next thing I want to cover are men and their toys, addictions, comfy blankie, pacifiers-(I call the tv remote in the bedroom G's pacifier)

On our way home from Wal-mart we called the house to see if the electric was on.. I have been doing this every few hours for the past 4 days. G just happened to call and OMG there it was - the answering machine.. yahoooo, yippeee we have electric. So we went home and he turns on the TV... Oh NOOOOOOO.. the dish on the roof must have been moved during the storm and nothing would come on. He couldn't even check the signal.. I can see a very painful weekend coming. It's one thing to have no electric but you can't give the boy a car and then tell him he can't drive it... I could see the hurt in his eyes although he tried to blow it off as no big deal but I could see the tv addiction withdrawal coming. So I went up to get ready for work and he went out the front door in front of me mumbling something about the laptop that he had put in my car.. well it's really his car but I have been driving it. He has been driving the other car and the poor big ass land yacht has been parked since 1- it's needs gas and 2- I'm not paying $4.15 a gallon when I have another car to drive. Anywho, as I walked out the walk all I could see what his silhouette and this headphone thing on his head. I thought for a minute cause he's not a gadget man at all and couldn't figure why he would have a phone headset on and then I saw it.. He was wearing his XBox head set and in one hand his laptop and the other an Xbox controller.. I just shook my head and went on. Maybe he is a gadget geek.. he'd never admint it.
I then left for work and left him to mourn and destress with his Halo..


Rebeckah said...

You are very funny. I think I do that same thing. Just talk and talk and hope it all makes sense to whoever is unfortunate to have to listen : ). Most often that is my poor child and my poor husband. Whoops! : )

Rhea said...

Grown men and Halo. Cracks me up!

Love seeing the way your mind works. :o)

TCKK said...

Men! Don't you just love them.

s said...

hahah speaking of men and their toys you should see marshall and brandon play "play"