Saturday, September 20, 2008

What is it? Results Revealed

Just a few pics of Hurricane Ike that hit Ohio. Yes, Ohio. They are saying that we were hit by a hurricane not just the left overs. Puppy Presley's tail and then I added the other end cause it's cuter..his nose

This is just the inside of a tree that went down during the storm.

G and I went back to the house to get a few things and I was trying to get pics of the moon when I turned around and saw the house. There was not a light on anywhere, usually the place is lit up like a Christmas tree. Anyways, the only thing I could see was G and his flashlight setting the alarm.

The shingles on the neighbors roof blew off. We were lucky we did not even one flappin' in the wind. It looked like playing cards blowing in the wind when I went out and saw this. Their were gone too. They went up over the trees to a corn field..(I think their pool cover went there too) It was crazy.

This guy was cleaning up the road as we were taking our frozen stuff to a family members house. This whole fence line was covered with debris.

Wind chime on our porch.. at that moment it was blowing like crazy. We ended up taking it down for a while.

Bird feeder in the tree.



TCKK said...

I got a couple of them right.

Rebeckah said...

Your house is beautiful : )! I am glad it was ok in the storm.